New Patient Information

We welcome you to Desert Hematology Oncology. We serve Surprise, Arizona and surrounding areas as an outpatient treatment clinic for patients diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders. Our Board-certified providers are committed to providing quality, evidence-based oncology and hematology care.

New Patient Appointments

For new patient appointments please consult your Primary Care Physician or Specialty Physician for a referral.  Our services are available to all who seek them.  You may become our patient through a physician’s referral or transfer.  We also welcome the opportunity to provide second opinions.  An initial diagnosis can be stressful, we strive to keep waiting times for an appointment to a minimum.  Be assured that our exceptional physicians will do their very best to help you. For new patient appointments call 480.428.7678 or fax 480.569.2708.


What to Expect During Your First Visit

To better serve you during your visit, we ask that you bring a list of your medications, prior illnesses, surgeries and allergies. Always bring your insurance card and let us know whenever you change your address, telephone number, employment, marital status, or insurance. We accept most major insurance plans.

During your initial office visit, you will have the opportunity for an open conversation with your physician. You will learn about your treatment options, what they involve, any potential side effects, and how our team will guide and support you. If you can, bring someone with you – a family member or a friend – to be another set of ears in the room. In addition to providing emotional support, they can help you remember what the doctor says, take notes for you, and remind you of key questions that you don’t want to forget to ask.